Cylinder Wires

Take your carding to the next level with our superior quality cylinder wires.  Made from high grade raw material, our cylinder wires focus on the fundamental requirement of high-quality carding: Precision! With all wire points made of the exact size, height and strength, we manufacture robust, wear-resistant and versatile wires for varied needs in the textile market.  We proudly combine precision engineering and tooth geometry to create a wide range of wires which suit not only different needs but also different budgets.

We help companies turnaround their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. Our specialty lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it tick.

ICC continues to be a leader in carding solutions with path breaking solutions that helps the textile and non-woven industry in producing top-notch products.

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Swinder Masih
CEO, SEL Manufacturing Co.Ltd Ludhiana (Punjab)

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