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Flat Tops

For excellent carding, the flat tops are as important as the cylinder wires. We specialize in manufacturing a variety of tops that are suitable for different fibres on various card makes. Our sophisticated top manufacturing facility not only creates niche quality tops but also ensures they maintain the highest quality standards of manufacturing. Each top is thoroughly checked to meet the required specification. Our flat tops come with High Tensile (HT), High Fatigue Life and Micro Alloy Steel(MAS) wires so that our customers are consistently provided with superior quality product.

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ICC continues to be a leader in carding solutions with path breaking solutions that helps the textile and non-woven industry in producing top-notch products.

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Applications and Features:
i.) Unique position of wire points on the tops helps the effective removal of knots from fiber (Neps), short fibres and trash
ii.) This maintains the necessary fibre at a high production rate without any rupturing
iii.) Unique matrix of wire tips
iv.) Our revolving tops are able to work with cylinder speeds above 450 RPM to produce a high quality of output from the new generation of carding machines
v.) Made from high-wear resistant and high-fatigue life raw materials, ideally suited for today’s carding machine

Type of Wire Height (mm) Front Angle TPI
Nextra 55 8.0 70 530

The success of Triumph tops has encouraged our R&D cell to develop a new series in the Triumph tops range with an enhanced performance suitable for very high production cards.

Maintaining cleanliness of the tops is a critical requirement for maintaining consistency in quality carding at a high production rate. It is equally critical that the fibres in a tuft should not be subjected to heavy strain during the opening and the individualization process of yarn.

Applications and Features:
i.) Configuration has been improved to reduce strain on fibre
ii.) Gradually augmented wire population from entry to exit zone of the fibre passage through tops
iii.) Smooth lance in the wire points allows air flow to keep the tops clean during operations

Type of Wire Height (mm) Front Angle PPSI Range
Triumph 450 Progressive 8.0 70 300-530
Triumph 550 Progressive** 8.0 70 400-570

Applications and feature
i.)Unique setting pattern distributes the wire points in the carding direction and gives maximum carding power
ii.) Recommended for both cotton and synthetics
iii.) Needle-sharp points made from High Tensile wires to withstand high carding force

Type of Wire Height (mm) Front Angle PPSI Range
Endura 35SHT 8.0 75 350
Endura 45HT* 8.0 70 435
Endura 55HT** 8.0 70 530
Endura 30 7.8 80 300

Applications and Features:
i.) Standard twill pattern
ii.) Available in High Tensile wires
iii.) Recommended for use in cotton and synthetics

Type of Wire Height (mm) Front Angle PPSI Range
XL 30S 8.0 75 290
XL 300 Progressive 7.5 75 311
XL 400S HT* 8.0 75 390
XL 450S HT* 7.5 75 450
XL 460 MAS 7.5 75 460
XL 460 MAS 8.0 70 510

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