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Upgradation Products

Accura for ERM

Lint loss, Fiber rupture and high Nep generation are things of the past! Our uniquely designed Accura beater segment enhances the cleaning efficiency of the ERM and drastically reduces lint loss in ERM waste.

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Accura for RSK

Let not the trash content and impurities in the fiber tufts spoil your carding. Use our design engineer’s marvel creation – the ACCURA beater segment – for easy trash elimination and improved carding.

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XTRAC System – for Front & Back Zone (Stationary Flats)

ICC’s latest innovative product- XTRAC systems – has been designed with special consideration given to high production and precision requirements of the modern cards.

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ACCURA Carding Elements

ICC specialises in manufacturing carding elements for all known pre and post carding systems. ACCURA carding elements are made of stabilized hardened alloy ensuring longevity and hassle-free application.

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