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Woolen and Others


Woolen and Others

Let our superior quality flexible cards for woolens and other fibres turn you into leaders of spinning industry. As pioneers in manufacturing precision metallic card clothing, we offer a wide range of flexible fillets that suit your need for processing different fibres. With more than 60 years of experience and a high focus on innovation, our products for woolen and other fibres are designed to meet your precision and quality needs. Our thought leadership and laser sharp focus on quality make us the preferred partner of top mills. We proudly manufacture woolen, sundry and fancy fillets, rasing fillets and brush sheets for different fibres, yarn rasing fillets, humbugs and hand cleaning cards.

ICC continues to be a leader in carding solutions with path breaking solutions that helps the textile and non-woven industry in producing top-notch products.

Based on application, different technical specifications are used:

For example:
  • Foundation
  • We use 5 ply soft sponge, 7ply or 9 ply cotton with 3 mm or 4mm or 4.5 mm cushion felt topping with 1 ply of Linen Fabric.
  • We also use VIR topping on specific Fillets.
  • The bend angle or straight leg staple products as per requirements.
  • Different length and width as per customer requirements.
  • Different setting patterns with various PPSI (Points Per Square Inch).
  • We produce above fillets with specific height, angle, and special grinding as per customer requirements.
  • We also produce
  • Fillets with WCB (White Cotton Backing to support wire from back)
  • Fillets with Extra Hardening on Tips.
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