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Cotton & Synthetic

Cylinder Wires

Take your carding to the next level with our superior quality cylinder wires. Made from high grade raw material, our cylinder wires focus on the fundamental requirement of high-quality carding: Precision!

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Doffer Wires

A Doffer is a cylinder wire’s best friend. So, as we give you the best cylinder wires, we make sure our full range of high-quality doffer wires compliment our solution and gives you the best carding experience.

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Lickerin Wires

All set for the onerous task of untangling fibres, our wide range of lickerin wires are designed to last. ICC lickerin wires are toughened to stay strong while penetrating the fibre flock.Hardened and tempered points

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Flat Tops

For excellent carding, the flat tops are as important as the cylinder wires. We specialize in manufacturing a variety of tops that are suitable for different fibres on various card makes.

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