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The Indian Card Clothing Co. Ltd has been an innovator in card clothing manufacturing since its inception in 1955. Originally a joint venture between Carclo Engineering Group and English Card Clothing, this company was established to solidify the presence of these private industries in India by shifting their manufacturing for the Indian market to the domestic level. After Carclo acquired English Card Clothing in 1979, it became the largest, global card clothing manufacturer and provider. ICC helped pioneer this change, through the development of metallic card clothing, replacing flexibles in the cotton carding process. In 1978, following Indira Gandhi's Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (1973), Carclo diluted its share from 100% to 74%, with the outstanding shares being offered to domestic directors, employees and the general public. Finally, in 1985, English Card Clothing (a complete subsidiary of Carclo) sold its 57% stake in ICC, divesting its controlling interest and allowing the company to take on new management.

ICC continues its heritage of innovation: there was a concerned effort to develop and now grow the export sales and markets available to us; we strive to be the leading innovator in cardroom solutions and accessories. Now we are in over 18 overseas markets and aim to consistently grow and build new synergies across the globe. This will only be achieved through the consistent innovation required from any company to remain relevant and invaluable to their customers. Our work will always begin and end with our customer. The R&D Cell at ICC is constantly tuned to market needs. Experimenting with fresh ideas and technologies. Making significant breakthroughs in tooth geometry, surface treatment, etc. Recent developments include special alloy steel wires in the Maxus, Primus and Tenace series, a new generation of Triumph Tops and specially developed AeroDoffer Wires for better doffing. We can also supply from our sister concern M/S Garnett Wire Ltd, UK who manufacture interlocking wires as well as metallic wires in heavier cross section commonly used in blow room lines, woollen, nonwoven & worsted machineries.

The ICC stamp of quality, recognised the world over, is further endorsed by the ISO 9001 Certification from BVQI. ICC has satisfied clients in virtually every part of the globe-the Far East. South East Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

As you will see in the following pages, your search for fault-free card clothing ends at ICC. We have shown over the last 6 decades, we are a heritage company that evolves as the market demands. We will continue to deliver for our customers, and offer the same high level of manufacturing expected from this brand.