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Indian Card Clothing Company Ltd. (ICC), founded on June 24.1955 was a private limited company at inception which later on become a public listed company on March 27, 1975. The company initially was promoted by The English Card Clothing Co. Ltd. England and Carclo Engineering Group Ltd. with a share capital proportion of 77.5% and 22.5% respectively. In September 1978,a change-of-guards was practiced and an offer for sale was made to the Indian public.

ICC pioneered the card clothing manufacturing in India and has been a leading player since mid-50's. It manufactures and markets wide range of wires, tops, flexible card clothing, cotton card clothing and woollen card clothing. The management at ICC understands that change is the only constant and innovation is the only way to meet the changing market needs and exacting quality standards. Today, ICC caters to the customer needs of increased rate of Carding output that is as high as 150kg/hour. With innovation instilled in the DNA across the organization, ICC has mastered the change and maintained its position as a leader.

The result is a wide range of wires, tops and flexible card clothing to suit every requirement, depending on the type of fibre being processed and the quality parameters desired. In fact, ICC is one of the few companies in the world that manufactures card clothing to process every fibre; Natural or Man-made. On every type of carding machine, be it conventional cards or super high production cards.