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This is the Corporate Code of Conduct ("the Code") for The Indian Card Clothing Company Limited (" the Company") and is designed to maintain confidence in and promote integrity within the Company.

The Code sets out basic principles that directors and employees ("the officers") should follow in their dealings with the Company.

Compliance with the Law

The Company and its officers shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If an officer is unclear of the impact that the law may have on their role, or the activities of the business, they should seek advice from the Company Secretary.


The Company's officers shall maintain honesty in communicating within the Company and conduct themselves with the Company's suppliers and customers with integrity, while also protecting the Company's confidential information.

Conflict of Interest

Each officer is responsible for avoiding any conflict of interest as well as the appearance of such conflict. Anyone who is unsure whether they are involved in a conflict of interest should discuss the issue with the Company Secretary.


The Company is committed to producing the highest quality products and providing efficient services to its customers.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Company is committed to the health and safety of all employees. The Company will eliminate practices, which could cause accidents, injuries or illness to employees, visitors and contractors.


All officers of the Company are responsible for ensuring their individual compliance with the Code.

All instances of non-compliance with the Code shall be reported to the Company Secretary and any serious non-compliance should be reported to the Audit Committee.


The Board of Directors of the Company will conduct an annual review of the Code to ensure that the Code continues to reflect the Company's commitment to all its stakeholders.